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New updates for
♥ November 2013
on my Clips4Sale !

This months updates include : 

♥ Giant Pool Toy Inflating (Part 1/3)
♥ Giant Pool Toy Playing (Part 2/3)
♥ Giant Pool Toy Deflating (Part 3/3)
♥ Blow Up Doll Bridgette Play Time
♥ Solo Playing With My Ring Gag 
♥ Bubble Gum Challenge (Part 3)

I am currently taking custom/private photo & video requests for 
November- December 2013. 
(more info here) Please email me if you have any requests.

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Find me live here if you want to play live one on one together:
I'm online taking private requests & ready to play almost everyday as well as doing regular GoldShows!
* * *  PS it's free to sign up.  :)  * * *

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[November -2nd - 2013]

xx Jeza

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